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Mahsuri’s Tomb

Mahsuri Tomb is a historical complex that houses the shrine of a Malay princess who was unjustly accused of adultery and sentenced to death. The grounds are dominated by an enclosed slab of white stone as well as a recreation of a traditional Malay house. The attraction is also home to a theatre – where musical performances take place – and a few food shops.

Legend has it that the pure white sandy beaches were originated from the seepage of white blood that flowed from the body of a beautiful princess named Mahsuri. Mahsuri, who was wrongly accused of having an adulterous affair, was quickly judged, condemned, and sentenced to death. Her continuous protest of innocence was in vain. However, during her execution none of the soldiers assigned as executioners could complete the task with their weapons. Her death was eventually brought about when the executioner plunged her own "kris" (dagger) into the princess. The blood, which flowed from her was white, thus depicting her innocence. With her dying breath, the princess laid a curse on the island, that the island would not prosper for seven generations.
On the spot where she died, a tomb called Makam Mahsuri was erected where people from all walks of life come to relive the legend in its own backyard. This has now become something like a shrine and is a "must-see" among tourists.

The Makam Mahsuri is a fine white marble that is surrounded by white walls - a clear reminder of her innocence. Her tomb is about 12km away from the main town of Kuah.