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Adventure Sports In Langkawi

With more and more of the younger generation seeking out thrilling and exciting ventures on their holidays, adventure sports is highly sought after in most tourist destinations of the world. In a country like Malaysia, where the splendor and grace of the panoramic vistas vie for attention, the craggy mountains and vast stretch of cerulean waters enrapture and enthrall the spectator; it is but natural that the bounties and physical features have been utilized to create a paradise for adventure sports enthusiasts.

Sports and physically demanding activities seem a pleasure to undertake in such breathtaking eyeshot.

The dense foliage and green jungles offer the perfect opportunity to go trekking and camping. Light a campfire and learning jungle survival tactics are high priorities for the nature lovers. Langkawi also offers ample opportunity for bird watching and eco tourism. The tropical rainforests of the region house a number of vivid avian species and ferocious beasts. The jungle trails offer opportunities to go hiking and take jungle safaris, observe and study the exotic flora and fauna of this Malaysian island. Backpacking and caving adventures lie abound in this fertile land.

The rugged mountains of the land such as Gunung Raya offer mountain and rock climbing opportunities to the many tourists. Risky and dangerous activities such as these, offer the thrill sought after by the veterans but also provides basic learning courses for the amateurs. A number of thrilling action packed water sports such as white water rafting, kayaking, diving and mangrove kayaking are the attractions of the many bays and inlets on the isle. Rappelling and air gliding are also part of the extensive range of air trekking sports available here. Mountain biking is also a challenging sport undertaken by many in this region. Bicycles are available on rent and may also be used for long cycling tours. Le Tour De' Langkawi held every February, is a cycle race spanning across 2000 km from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur. The extreme conditions test the physical stamina and prowess of the participants. Langkawi International Nature Challenge too is an exciting contest. All in all, Langkawi offers the best possible options in adventure sports and athletic activities across the world.