Golf In Langkawi

Sports and adventure enthusiasts travel right across the globe to indulge in their favorite sporting activity. When on a tropical destination such as Langkawi, Malaysia, golf is a natural choice for many. This sport is a favorite activity on the Langkawi islands. The spectacular and lush green courses on Langkawi attract hundreds of golf enthusiasts every year. The panoramic views, the tropical breeze and pleasant weather add to the pleasures of teeing.

Gulung Raya Golf Course is located at the foot of the majestic Gulung Raya and the sprawling 300 acre resort is frequented both for the golfing opportunities it holds out as well as the breathtaking views of the landscape. The resort has been built on the grounds of a former rubber plantation due to the growing demands for golfing venues in Langkawi. The other important golf courses in Langkawi are the Langkawi Golf Club and The Datai Bay & Country Golf Club. The Datai Bay Golf Club overlooks the azure waters of the Andaman Sea and was established in 1997. The sprawling Bermuda and Tifdwarf turf sparkles like scattered emeralds. The course itself is a strip of land sandwiched beween the blue sea and the dark dense forests. The Machinchang Range overlooks the course and stand, silent sentinels to the natives and tourists trying to hit the perfect putt. Its proximity to Kuah town is the reason a large number of golf fanatics. The Kuah Jetty provides a spectacular view and the golfers enjoy the light breeze and soft velvety greens here. All these are 18 hole, 72 par golf courses and offer among the best caddie and buggy services in the world.

Golfing in Langkawi is indeed fun. The golf resorts of the region offer the perfect to combination of sport and pleasure. Besides golfing, these resorts offer a variety of other services such as restaurant, library, and many other indoor activities centers including table tennis and snooker tables, tennis and basket ball lawns and music rooms.

On your trip to Langkawi do remember to carry your lucky tee and you are sure to play an exciting and memorable round.