Horse Riding In Langkawi

Malaysia is well known for the many sporting opportunities and activities it holds out to its visitors. Horse-riding in Langkawi is among the premier attractions of adventure sports enthusiasts visiting Malaysia. The lush green valleys and dales of Langkawi seem more inviting to the horse lovers. Who would not wish to ride a fine mare and canter away deep into the sprawling panoramic surroundings?

With a mild sunshine and inviting breeze to keep company, most horse riders find Langkawi the ideal tourist destination and others who happen to chance upon this activity while in the island vouch for its thrills.

Many training and equestrian centers have opened up in the island of Langkawi. The Mutiara Burau Bay Equestrian Centre, established in 2004 is the leading among these. The fine well maintained stable here is home to a number of well bred horses and foals. While adults prefer to ride the groomed mares and stallions, the children are also provided with ponies and colts. Most of the horses here were formerly used for races and have been spared a gruesome fate by this industry. The expert horse handlers on the Center train and guide the visitors on horseback riding. Children are taught proper riding techniques such as steering and the entire atmosphere is rented with the loving bond between man and animal. Families on a holiday often turn up here and have fun picking out and riding a horse of their choice. The charges range from a few Ringgits to about RM 399 depending on the horse of your choice and the distance you wish to traverse. Veteran horse riders may also rent a horse and canter the hilly Gunung Raya trail leading right up to the summit.

The dense tropical rainforests of Langkawi which seemed impregnable once are now navigable on horse back. Hence horse riding is also used for exploring the deep forests of Langkawi by passionate naturalists. Long trots across the jungle at the foot hills of the Gunung Mat Cincang may take up to 5 hours and can only be describes as a sheer pleasure. Other hotels and resorts in Barau Bay and other parts of Langkawi offer horse riding services. Tourist Bureau in Kuah provides assistance in case of queries regarding horse riding in Langkawi.