Music Clubs and Theatres

Be it nature's bounty or cultural heritage Langkawi is endowed with a rich supply of both. Music and other art forms are invariably interwoven in the island's culture. Art is appreciated and not ignored in this small yet pictorial isle.

The island is full of music clubs and the theatre performances add color to the thriving life of the place. To name a few happening musical venues of the island The Bistro, The Coco Jam Fun Club, Black Henry Pub and Disco, Burau Beat Pub, Cheers Pub, Music Room Discotheque, The Pub and a string of others.

Music of all variety viz, light, jazz, old melodies all are played in the various discs and pubs of the island. Most of the island's music clubs provide for live music sessions performed by the local bands. Traditional Malay music is also popular in Langkawi but music clubs don't make it a part of their program list. But many a times it has been observed that the rising bands blend the traditional Malay music with contemporary melodies and the product is astounding.

Talking about the theaters we would have to appreciate the dance theaters which are very characteristic of any Malaysian places. Your aesthetic senses would feel rejuvenated after being at one such theater. One can also go to watch a traditional theatrical performance at Langwaki.