Sailing In Langkawi

The new generation of tourists lust after adventure sports and exciting activities. Thus when they draw up a vacation plan, sporting and athletic activities rank high on their schedule. Malaysia, especially Langkawi, being geographically endowed with just the right geographical features to promote adventure sports and hazardous ventures, is one of the most sought after tourist destinations. 

The many natural harbors, anchorages, bays and fishing villages that dot Langkawi hold out excellent opportunities for sailing and such sporting activities in the region. The wind, the surf and the equitable tropical weather are extremely conducive to sailing and the island of Langkawi is a sailor's delight.

A number of yacht clubs such as the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club are among the premier institutions promoting sailing in the region. Sailing events such as the Royal Langkawi International Sailing Regatta and the Langkawi Rebak Champagne Run 2005 have brought this picturesque island into limelight. A number of docks such as Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, Awana Porto Malai and Rebak Marina Resort as well as the private resorts offer motor boats and small vessels on rent. Those preferring the traditional mode of sailing may unfurl the sails, tighten the lines and set sail around the tranquil emerald waters of this archipelago.

Speedboats, motorboats and yacht sailing expeditions are conducted by most tourist operators in Langkawi. Some tourists however prefer the calm proximity to nature and absolute solitude. Accompanying the fishermen or renting 2-3 seater boats from fishermen is also a common practice. Sailing in Langkawi has received a tremendous impetus with the country offering outstanding facilities such as boat and yacht repairing, dockage and marinas and many boat maintenance aids. Sailing courses are also offered for the novice.

Sailing opens up a whole new vista of opportunities for the tourists of Langkawi. Exploring the many uninhabited islands and virgin beaches of Langkawi is a coveter option. Many of the islets are accessible only when the tide is high. Bird watching and fishing are other activities that sailing proffers. But the simple call of the waves, the feel of the surf and the salty breeze blowing across one's face is enough to lure the sailor at heart to Langkawi.