Water Sports In Langkawi

Adventure enthusiasts and sports freaks across the world crave the heady thrill of sports and undertake great pains to seek out destinations offering a wide plethora of adventure and water sports. Water sports in Langkawi are especially dear to the wild eyed younger lot visiting Malaysia.

Snorkeling and diving become the obvious choice for adventure thirsty tourists when on an island with a variety of exotic marine life such as Langkawi. The many tiny isles and islets of the region such as Ko Lipe, Ko Adang, and Ko Tarutao boast of vivid coral reefs and amazing water creatures such as turtles, whales, sharks and dolphins. Underwater diving is sure to reveal the many mysteries of the underwater world but skin diving and snorkeling also do provide insights into the ocean life of Langkawi.

Angling, fishing and swimming are classic options and are loved by children and adults alike. The many islets of Langkawi are perfect for a day's fishing trip amidst the calm and tranquil settings of this tropical region. Deep sea fishing is another coveted option. Langkawi offers a plethora of options for those hungry to experience the thrills and excitement of water sports in the region. Sea kayaking, parasailing, water skiing wave runner and wind surfing and wake boarding are among the many adventures one may wish to partake on these shores. Most of these activities center round Kedah. Beaches such as Pantai Cenang offer excellent water sport equipment renting facilities and indulge the tourists in a host of activities ranging from jet skiing to knee boarding. Casuarina Bay, Pantai Kok, Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tengah, Datai and Burau Bay offer calmer waters where motorboat riding and water scooting are popular.

Boating and sailing options in Langkawi are varied and numerous too. Banana boat riding, boating, catamaran sailing, canoeing, yachting, sailing and speed boating are extremely popular in Langkawi. The wander lust is replaced by adventure lust many water sport enthusiast head straight to the burgeoning beaches and bays of Langkawi and strap on their safety belts to take an awesome ride on the wild waves and white surf.