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Behavior and Etiquettes in Langkawi

While you embark on the Aladdin’s carpet and fly around the world, take note of the different cultures you come by. While you come to the South eastern gateway of Malaysia- Langkawi, you get to imbibe the culture so different from the western counterpart, pay reverence to the cultural difference and make your sojourn complete and pleasant. Coming to a different part of the hemisphere, it pays to keep your eyes and ears open to be humane to the surroundings, as the saying goes you get what you give.

The world is a cornucopia of cultures and customs, to know a country, their culture and customs are invaluable treasure troves, it unveils its history and the rich lineage of the country. So Come and indulge be spoilt by the geniality of the hoi polloi of Langkawi, but adhering to the guidelines below would ensure an unforgettable experience in the Oriental isles.

Some Do’s and Don’ts to follow:

- Make sure your soles of your shoes are not upturned facing people, food. This behavior is shows disdain so take care.
- Right hand must be used for greetings and while you handshake or pass gifts as the left hand is used for basic bodily functions and is thus its use is considered insulting. Eating with right hand is the common norm in restaurants and local homes, so make sure you eat properly.
- Smile and greet people, especially elders. Handshaking is customary for both men and women on introduction and greeting.
- Public display of emotion is strictly prohibited.
- Do not say an impolite No, when you are invited for food.
- If you invited to someone’s house do take some presents.
- There are certain areas of mosques that are inaccessible for non-Muslims, please follow the displayed signs.
- Conservative dress codes must be maintained especially while visiting Mosques or Shrines are. Women can wear dresses, with a sarong to cover up if need arises. Care must be taken to cover up the upper thigh and upper arms; you cannot wear halter tops and spaghetti outside tourist enclaves. Revealing clothes are a strict no no!
- Malaysia is a right-hand drive country; they drive on the left side of the road so it is advisable to follow them to ensure your safety and the pedestrians.
- Do not carry or use drugs, like the marijuana and ecstasy, to take you on a high! It spells big Trouble.