Langkawi Taxi Service

Langkawi has a broad channel of network that is well connected. There is a wide range of transport available including taxis, buses, coaches, ferries and so on. The availability of transport depends on convenience and affordability. Taxis services are usually operated within the cities. However they can also be negotiated with to travel to other regions within the country of Malayasia or outside the boundary like Singapore.

The Taxi drivers in Langkawi are all set to take the passengers on extensive tours provided they are paid much for the return trip as well.
If you are interested in long distance tours or an outstation destination then it would be better if you hire a taxi. Though it will be much expensive, but you will surely have a comfortable journey and you will have greater privacy. At the same time you would be really enjoying the beautiful sights of Langkawi as you pass by.

But obviously interstate taxi services are quite affordable and they provide rapid means of travel. The fares for interstate taxis are fixed and cannot be bargained. Generally meters are not used by these taxis, so ensure the right fare before starting your trip.
City Taxis are metered and you pay according to the meter.

Types of Taxis- There are various types of taxis in Langkawi including the Premier Taxi and the Budget Taxi.
The Premier Taxi includes Proton Perdana, Mercedes Benz E220 and Multi Purpose Vehicles ( MPVs). The Mercedes Benz accommodates three adults and one child while the Proton Perdana accommodates only a maximum of 3 persons.
The MPV accommodates a maximum of four persons and one child (below 7 years).

Budget Taxis include Proton Wira, Klass and CT Cab. These taxis have the passenger capacity of maximum three persons.